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At The Computing Edge, we strive to provide the top technical solutions for our customers needs through exceptional customer service and technical expertise.

What We Do


The BackEdge online backup service contains many powerful yet simple to use features. Using BackEdge gives you backup tools previously enjoyed only by Fortune 500 companies, but with an interface designed for anyone to be able to use. Following are just a handful of the ways that you or your business benefits from using the BackEdge online backup service.

Our main service is an outsourced technology “department” for small business and nonprofit customers. We are different from traditional IT companies because we provide and support your IT infrastructure for a fixed cost. So we're rewarded for success, not failure.

Instead of tossing band-aids around, we spend our time making sure you don’t get hurt. How do we do this? We choose technology that’s appropriate for small business, with an emphasis on reliability. We implement solutions to protect your data, which is valuable, instead of your hardware, which is not. And we minimize infrastructure, because a room full of servers is a cost center that’s no longer a competitive advantage.
We can help!  We repair and replace most hardware components to any computer.  We will help you find the most cost effective solution to getting what you need.  You have questions?  We can help.
We carry a wide range of electronic needs.  From cables to adapters, to fun toys that you can't live without!  And forget about going to the big box stores and asking a store associate for help!  We pride ourselves on offering the most extensive customer service for you!